McDonald's Finally Ditching Weird McFlurry Spoon

McDonald’s Finally Ditching Weird McFlurry Spoon

McDonald’s is finally getting rid of its pesky McFlurry spoon.

The long-used piece of plasticware, known as a spindle, has intrigued and confused McFlurry fans for years. It’s a spoon that slightly resembles a straw, though you can’t exactly suck the ice cream through it. However, it has long been synonymous with the beloved treat since its introduction in 1997. The spindle is typically used to mix the crushed-up cookie pieces into the vanilla ice cream thoroughly. Now, customers will achieve this using a slammer, black plastic spoon.

If you’ve ever ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae from Mickey D’s, then you are familiar with its slimmer spoon. The fast-food chain says the move is meant to cut down on its use of excess plastic. In October, McDonald’s locations in the United States began phasing out the utensils, so it’s only a matter of time before they are gone completely.

McDonald’s has been making subtle changes such as this one in recent years. In 2018, the company switched to paper straws to decrease its plastic use. In 2021, the Golden Arches also pledged to use less plastic for its Happy Meal toys. They are now using recycled and sometimes plant-based materials to create the toys. In December 2022, McDonald’s Honk Kong switched to all wooden utensils.

As of now, if you order a McFlurry, don’t be alarmed if you still encounter a swindle. Bynext year, they could be stripped from the chain completely.

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