McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Maker Hit With Restraining Order After Purchasing Another Company’s Device to Discover Its Secrets

“Our ice cream machine is down,” said every Mcdonald’s employee to a customer looking to order a McFlurry.

It happens so frequently that someone created a bot to track which machines were broken across all 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the US.

According to Vice, there’s a reason why the machines are breaking down less frequently.

A device developed by an independent business called Kytch assists the McDonald’s franchise owners in repairing ice cream machines.

Taylor Company, the business that created the McFlurry machine, held a stranglehold on ice cream machine repairs prior to Kytch.

To keep its monopoly, Taylor warned McDonald’s franchisees that utilizing Kytch’s equipment would result in “serious human injury.”

However, Kytch won a court battle against Taylor on July 30.

According to Vice, a California judge granted Taylor a temporary restraining order after Kytch alleged Taylor purchased a Kytch Solution Devices to discover its secrets.


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