McDonald's Introduces New McFlurry: Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry

McDonald’s Introduces New Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry

McDonald’s is giving its consumers a new McFlurry: a Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry.

The ice cream might not always be working but it looks like the burger joint is going to make it up to us in the form of a new McFlurry. The new flavor is called Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry, and it hits Mickie D menus starting May 25 at participating locations. The new item will only be available for a limited time only.

McDonald’s says the McFlurry is “made with McDonald’s creamy vanilla soft serve, mixed with chocolate-covered pretzel bits and topped with a rich caramel swirl.”

The original classic McFlurry and McDonald’s M&M McFlurry are also still available for purchase.

What’s your favorite McFlurry, or what kind of McFlurry would you want McDonald’s to come up with next?

Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry
Chocolately Pretzel McFlurry

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