McDonald's McRib Is Making Its Rounds One Last Time With the Heartbreaking "Farewell Tour"

McDonald’s McRib Is Making Its Rounds One Last Time With the Heartbreaking “Farewell Tour”

McDonald’s has re-introduced the highly anticipated McRib sandwich for what might sadly be its final time on the menu. 

One of the fast food chain’s most popular items, the famed McRib, has been available on and off over the past forty years. It will make its long-awaited return to locations this month. However, McDonald’s has dubbed this run the “McRib Farewell Tour.” 

“The McRib is coming back 10.31, but this is its farewell tour,” the company shared in a tweet on Monday.

The sandwich took some getting used to when it first debuted in 1981. Since then, fans have flocked to McDonald’s during “McRib” seasons to get their hands on this limited-edition sandwich. Made of a boneless slab of pork smothered in barbeque sauce and topped with dill pickles and onions on a hoagie bun, the McRib eventually became a staple amongst the cheeseburger and chicken meals offered by the restaurant giant.

The last time customers could enjoy the McRib was in 2020 when it was made available for the first time in eight years. In true McRib fashion, it quickly disappeared from menus shortly after. Mike Bullington, the senior archives manager for McDonald’s, has said the reason for the temporary releases of the McRib is that it is only meant to be “enjoyed during the colder seasons.” Historically, the juicy meal usually comes around in the fall or winter months. 

With McDonald’s alluding to the end being near, it is imperative that fans get their hands on the McRib between October 31st and November 20th, the last day to grab this pork delight. 

Are you sad to hear the news of the McRib leaving for good? Or is it about time McDonald’s did away with it?


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