Meek Mill Talks Prison Culture, Colin Kaepernick And Reveals Nicki Minaj Didn’t Try To Stop Drake Beef But Adds He’s Tired Of Talking About Them Both in Interviews

Meek Mill has been hitting the pavement hard during the Press tour for his newest album, “Championships”. But it seems like the ongoing topic in all of his recent interviews has been either his expired beef with Drake or his relationship with ex, Nicki Minaj and his interview with #TheBreakfastClub was no different. 

During conversation about “Championships,” Meek was asked how the Drake collaboration on “Going Bad” came about but then the convo switched gears (of course) to his previous beef with Drizzy and he was asked if Nicki ever tried to squash the beef between him and Drake. His response was a quick and simple, “No”.

He then expressed how tired he is of hearing those two names during interviews on the “Championships” press tour. Meek said, “I’m not following the standard thing you gotta do to like sell music and like talk about the same people. Meek Mill says this about Drake, Meek Mill said this about [6ix9ine], Meek Mill said this about Nicki. No, I ain’t say nothing about them—somebody asked me about them. When you see the headline, shit get overwhelming.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

He continued, “Yo, this sh*t is fu**ing with me at nighttime. I’m going to sleep with Nicki and Drake on my mind… It’s in my real life now.”

Once the conversation got back on track, Meek talked about prison reform, something he has been tackling heavily since his release earlier this year. He was asked if he would step down from being the face of prison reform if the feds said to, he stated that he would.

Meek said, “I’m not here to sacrifice my life for everybody, I’m here to sacrifice my life for my family and [my] son, for real. I’m not going to jail for nobody. I sacrifice myself for my mother, my sister, my son, if I could help along the way, then that’s what it is,” he continued. “Not to be selfish, not to be selfish, but if I could help I will. If I can save one person from going to jail, I’m cool with that.”

In the nearly one hour interview, Meek touched on a slew of topics, from his album, to prison reform, mental health in the black community, Colin Kaepernick and even shooting his shot at Lori Harvey, comedian Steve Harvey’s daughter, on his album.

Talk about a man on a mission. Congratulations to Meek Mill on a successful album and making extraordinary progress, personally and professionally!

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