Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe Admits To Using CBD Products; Sparks Twitter Frenzy Trending Sha’Carri Richardson

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A recent Forbes story on the use of cannabis among Olympic athletes included National team soccer star Megan Rapinoe’s admitting she uses CBD products made by Mendi.

Mendi is a CBD company the soccer player’s sister Rachel Rapinoe co-founded.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the second most prominent ingredient in cannabis, Revolt TV reported. Rapinoe’s admission has caused track star Sha’Carri Richardson to trend on Twitter.

Megan vocally supported Richardson, who was prohibited from running at the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo because she tested positive for marijuana. Megan feels that all athletes should be allowed to use marijuana and says she uses CBD to help her sleep and recover after training sessions.

Despite Megan’s support, many call out the double standard, one being the promotion Megan’s sister’s CBD company has received since the article’s release.

“Fu**ing excuse me???? Sha’carri Richardson got banned for using cannabis AFTER SHE FOUND OUT HER MOTHER DIED WHILE BEING INTERVIEWED but somehow it’s ok for white people to incorporate it into their training regimes?????,” one user wrote.

Another Twitter user wrote: “So…the olympics can disqualify Sha’Carri Richardson for smoking cannabis under the guise of it being a performance enhancing drug, but ya throw a couple white folks advertising cannabis and not a fucking peep but an article in forbes? saying the quiet part loud.”

CBD is legal within the parameters of the Olympics’ anti-doping policies, the outlet reported. It’s the THC—the ingredient that gives people the high—that is not. Therefore, the use of CBD among athletes is allowed.

Still, Megan thinks all athletes should still be allowed to use marijuana. “We’re expected to perform on the biggest stages and highest levels, yet we can’t use all-natural products to help us recover,” she wrote in a statement to Forbes. “It’s not right, and these policies need to be changed to reflect where our culture is.”

“The societal effect in terms of social justice that weed has had on this country is just absurd,” Rapinoe says. “There are so many, mostly Black and Brown, people sitting in jail for 10 or 20-plus years for weed, and it’s completely unnecessary. From a social perspective, we’re long overdue for the legalization of cannabis.”


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