Megan Thee Stallion Clears Up Allegations That She Dissed Cardi B, JT Of City Girls Checks Twitter User Over Drama

Stans and fans are seemingly trying to start a beef between Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B,  and Thee Hottie ain’t having it.

Why must we continue to pin female rappers against one another? Megan Thee Stallion has become well-known for her warm heart and the endless support she extends to not only female rappers but female artists in general. But, on Wednesday, Meg had to clear up an allegation that she liked comments on her YouTube page that took shots at fellow rapper Cardi B.⠀⠀⠀

Megan vs Cardi

According to Bossip, fans sent screenshots of the comments and a like from Megan’s official account, but the Texas native said the actions came from her label 1501 Certified Entertainment, not her. One of the comments on YouTube read, “So I’m guessing y’all females leaving Cardi B in 2019???,” which was liked by the Megan YouTube page. However, Meg addressed the issue, saying her label controls her YouTube account and that she has no beef with anyone.

“I did not like no damn stupid a** comment like this,” Thee Stallion replied to a fan. “I don’t even upload my own s**t to my YouTube my label does. I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANYBODY. I don’t like drama; I do not bring other females down stop trying to start fake beef,” said Megan in response to a tweet.

Another Twitter user added the City Girls into the mix writing, “Yung Miami been knew something was up with sis….” as another added,”JT still likes the horse ugh.” But JT shut down the shadiness responding with, “You wanna get unfollowed? I don’t do drama.”


Let’s just say, find some business that pays you, y’all.

Megan vs Cardi

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