Megan Thee Stallion Opens Up About Supporting Female Rappers, Donating Money To Slain Man’s GoFundMe And Promoting Confidence In Women Through Her Music

Megan Thee Stallion sat down with Joe Budden and talked about why she calls her latest project, ‘Fever,’ a mixtape and not an album, befriending female rappers in the game and her dedication to writing her own music.

Over the last few months, the Houston Hottie has been making her own lane in the rap industry. The 24-year-old just dropped her mixtape Fever, and her hit single “Big Ole Freak” has officially earned Gold certification. But it’s not just her music that makes her the Hot Girl she is,l. Megan has also been acknowledged for her community service, her dedication to earning her college degree, her down-to-Earth personality, and her respect for all rappers. Additionally, Megan has been praised and welcomed with open arms by O.G.s in the rap game like #JuicyJ, #MissyElliott, #TooShort, #Trina, and more.

Rapper and media personality #JoeBudden chatted with the Hot Girl on his podcast Pull Up Season 2. In one part of the conversation, Megan addressed Trey Songz’s flirtatious tweet from back in March where he stated via Twitter “Big Ole Freak make me wanna knock the stallion head off for the culture,” referencing the music video to her song. In response, Megan wrote, “somebody tell Trigga he can’t handle me.” Megan explained Trey’s gesture was nice; however, that’s not how she wants to be approached, as she added that she and Trey are on good terms. “First of all, you’re not finna call me out publicly. Like if you really wanted to f*ck with me like you wouldn’t have did that like that. That’s not how that would have went. But he’s cool. Like we talked after that.”

Going deeper, Megan explained women have the right to have the same confidence. “Guys they have that confidence. I’m not knocking him for having that confidence, that’s very attractive. But I also have that too. So just know you not about to come over here and rock my world,” said Megan.

When asked why she feels her latest project is a mixtape instead of album, the rapper explained it’s like being married versus dating. “When I’m ready to sit down and make an album, I feel like I’ll be able to open up a little bit more. Like right not this is me having fun talking my sh*t, mixtapes are like we’re dating. That album, that’s marriage. That’s a whole relationship.” She continued, “I’m calling it a mixtape because it’s not my official, serious body of work that I want to call an album. I feel like it’s just still me getting to know everybody. When it comes to my album, I definitely wanna like tell a story. I definitely want people to get into my personality a little bit more.”

Budden then asked Megan how she would handle a potential rap beef if it came her way. While she said she respects and gets along with her fellow female rappers, she will always be up for a battle rap. “I don’t even be paying attention to negativity, so I would never know who don’t like me at all,” she said. “If they come let’s just keep it in the booth. I like to rap, so that’s what you do. It wouldn’t be rap if it wasn’t some type of rap beef. So I ain’t trippin.”

While explaining that she wants nothing but unity between female rappers, she highlighted that most of the drama is usually started from a rapper’s fan base rather than the rappers themselves. “A lot of beef that gets started between women gets started because of their fan base. So you gotta just make sure everybody cool like on every end so like your fans won’t be making up little messy stuff about everybody.”⠀

Thee Stallion opened up about donating money to the family of Cyril Briscoe, a 26-year-old man who was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting in Prince Georges County, Md. Megan sent over an initial $1,200 to support the family’s GoFundMe, but offered more if that didn’t make their goal.

“It felt like the right thing to do to me. The fact that his cousin was like ‘I hope Megan Thee Stallion sees this. He loved her so much,’ and I’m like ‘Dang, I know y’all don’t have to pay for something. Like what can I do? What do you need?’ I didn’t even know how much anything cost. I was just like, “Hey, look here it go.’” Megan also threw a beach cleanup on Thursday in Santa Monica. The full interview with Budden can be watched on YouTube.

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