Megan Thee Stallion Responds After Asian Doll And JT Argue Over Song Collab: “This Is Dumb”

The online drama between Asian Doll and JT of the City Girls over a Megan Thee Stallion song appears to have boiled over with Meg responding to the back and forth, calling it “dumb.”

It all started after Asian Doll revealed to her fans on social media that she was originally supposed to be featured on Megan Thee Stallion’s song “Do It On The Tip.” Asian Doll’s feature ended up being replaced with the City Girls on Meg’s latest album.

“I think I had this before anybody had this song — this my verse,” AD said as she played the previously unreleased track.

Asian Doll rapped along for fans playing the track produced by Lil Ju. The general consensus from fans after hearing the track was that Asian had the hottest bars leading the rapper to tweet and delete “Friendship ended NEXT!”

She later clarified tweeting, “Me & Megan still friends idgaf about no song I did in my sleep…I was [mad] but ima Sagittarius we get mad then 10mins later WE DON’T GIVE A F*** BOUT NUNNADET S***,” she wrote in follow up tweets.

But the City Girls didn’t take too kindly to Asian Doll’s rant, which soon turned into a war of words online.

In a series of tweets, JT went off writing, “A real friend is something you b****** really don’t know nothing about!” she wrote. “I been doing good but ima bout to start laying y’all attention h*** out & I’m coming with FACTS!!!!! Sympathetic a** holes are really starting to grind on my gears! [For real]!” she added. “Like if you know it’s gone draw attention & cause commotion … why speak on it? Mind you lying! But GO OFF!” she said in tweets fans quickly deduced were directed at Asian Doll.

The online drama unfolded as both women traded shots at each other. Leading Meg to intervene, tweeting, “I hate that all of this is getting blown out of proportion. It was never as deep as the comments make it seem,” the Houston native began. Meg made sure to remind her followers that she and Asian Doll are, in fact, actual friends.

“When Asian got in her accident I hopped right on a plane to come see her when she go through s— I’m on her line…I don’t like putting my personal life on the internet because it’s personal to me. I never even saw people attacking her.”

Megan then directed her tweets to Asian Doll saying, “Asian, you know me better than that you know I don’t like all this internet s—t,” the “Savage” rapper wrote. “You blow s—t out of proportion because you’re a f—– hot head. You played the song live…that was that. What do I need to clear up? This is dumb,” she concluded.

Asian Doll also responded to Meg tweeting, “We was real friends. F*ck rap you should’ve said some yesterday & cleared s*it up but no you let that ho* get in your ear & you don’t even know that ho*.”

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