Megan Thee Stallion Says She Felt “Very Betrayed” By All Her Friends Following The Shooting Incident

By now, we are all aware that Megan Thee Stallion was shot, but many questions remain unanswered on what really happened that night.

During a recent Instagram Live following the release of her new feature on Cardi B’s” Wap,” Megan answered questions from fans, most of which were about the incident that ended with Tory Lanez’s arrest.

Megan spoke candidly about the offensive remarks that treated her incident as a joke and encouraged fans who may be going through hard times to remember the fact that hard times don’t last forever.

“I feel like this is a thing that I see every single day, and I see so many women, and I see so many men talking shit about this,” she said. “I felt, like, really crazy. I felt like, why did I get shot? Like, what did I do? It was insane. But shit was crazy, and I feel like some people think that it’s funny, and some people think that it’s a joke, and I feel like some people are saying that to get to me.”

And like the confident woman she is, the Texas Hot Girl said she’s not only “not ashamed” of who she is or what she’s been through, she is also not afraid to say anything.

“It’s not fun, bitch,” she said. “I don’t understand. I just felt very betrayed by a friend. I felt very betrayed by all my friends. I felt very shocked, very scared. But the one thing that y’all need to know about me is I’m not a person who is able to be down for a long time … I don’t like to be victimized. I don’t like to feel like ‘Oh my god, Megan, something’s wrong.’ I like to be upbeat. I like to be happy.”

Megan told fans her approach comes from her own personal experiences, which made her choose to always be “a light” in life by leading by example.

“Pain does not last forever,” she said. “Bad times don’t last forever. So I definitely always want people to see me being an example of bad things not lasting forever. Just because you go through something bad, don’t mean that that’s the time you’re gonna be in forever.”

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