Meghan McCain Says She's "Over" Dr. Fauci Because She Doesn't Know When She Can Get Her Vaccine

Meghan McCain Says She’s “Over” Dr. Fauci Because She Doesn’t Know When She Can Get Her Vaccine

Meghan McCain is calling for the firing of the nation’s top health expert over what she deems to be a “disaster” vaccine rollout.

“The View” co-host voiced her frustration on the latest episode of the daytime talk show. She complained of not being eligible to receive the vaccine due to her age group. She also voiced her frustrations with Dr. Anthony Fauci not giving concrete advice to those who get vaccinated on whether they can begin to disregard social distancing measures.

She started her rant by sharing a clip of Fauci on CNN’s State of the Union from over the weekend, where he would not directly respond to Dana Bash‘s plea to advise vaccinated grandparents if they could be around their unvaccinated grandchildren. Fauci responded by saying that while he could not make a recommendation on television, he would discuss this matter with his team.

McCain said that it was this clip that frustrated her with the expert.

“The fact that Dr. Fauci is going on CNN and he can’t tell me that if I get the vaccine if I’ll be able to have dinner with my family.”

The daughter of the late John McCain noted that she wanted to get the vaccine but that the rocky rollout has made that nearly impossible, at least at the moment. For this reason, she demanded that President Joe Biden relieve Fauci from his duties immediately.

“I understand President Trump can take much of the blame, but now we’re in the Biden administration, and I, for one, would like something to look forward to and to hope for because if getting the vaccine means that just nothing changes and we have to wait another few years until everyone gets it, there’s already a lot of people not getting it.”

She declared that she was “over Dr. Fauci” and believes that the nation needs “more people giving more opinions.” McCain felt that the only way to do this is for the Biden administration to “remove him and put someone in place that does understand science.”

Dr. Fauci has been serving as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. He has now worked under seven U.S. Presidents, and in 2008, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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