Mel B. Wants Unsupervised Visits With Her Daughter After Months Of Clean Drug Tests

Mel B. had passed every drug test and now reason wants her visits with her daughter to be unsupervised,  going forward. 

According to court docs obtained by The Blast, Mel B. is asking the court to vacate a current order from last September that required her to have a nanny present at all times during all her visits with her youngest daughter Madison (with her ex-hubby Stephen Belafonte). 

Since the order was handed down, the Spice Girl says she has “passed each and every random drug and alcohol tests with flying colors.” She added, “I love Madison and I would never do anything to jeopardize her safety.” 

In addition, Mel B. is requesting that Madison’s therapist be removed from her duties. The singer claims that during a therapy session last month, the therapist, Karin Manger, told her she was “really concerned about Madison” and that Manger believed that Stephen “has been coaching Madison prior to her therapy sessions about what to say in therapy.” 

Mel B claims that the therapist told her that Belafonte’s behavior constitutes “emotional abuse.” 

However days later, Mel B. said Manger changed her story and said the conflict between both parents was affecting the child. 

Mel B. wants the therapist removed because she feels that she’s had ”inappropriately entangled herself into this litigation” and that she is now “acting beyond the scope of her duties.” 

She also wants her ex-husband sanctioned $10,000 for failing to submit a required child custody evaluation as directed by the court. 

The two sides are scheduled to appear in court in April. 

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