Two Men Caught in Kansas City, Mo. Traveling on Bus with Nearly 24 Pounds of Heroin

Two men traveling through Kansas City, Missouri, were caught with nearly 24 pounds of heroin at a bus terminal.

On Monday, 23-year-old Darwin G. Morales-Sagastume and 28-year-old Cristian J. Lopez were charged with one count of possessing heroin to distribute. The two men are not facing federal court after police obtained nearly 24 pounds of heroin they had been carrying.

Legal documents state the men had been traveling on a bus that was traveling from Los Angeles to New York when they arrived in KCMO on May 3. While they were waiting at a terminal, a K-9 sniffed out the illegal drugs that had been tucked under the bus. The officer then asked the men to point out which luggage was theirs. Four of the suitcases belonged to the men.

Two bundles were hidden inside each of the cases. There were altogether eight bundles that came out to a total of 23.7 pounds of heroin.

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  1. Now why would they point to their own bags knowing what they were carrying?.. I would have taken in a whole new bag as mine😌

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