How Do Men Feel About Women Popping The Question? The Answers Aren’t Quite What You Would Expect!

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Fellas, would you let your girlfriend get on one knee and propose to you? If she did, how would that make you feel? Do you think proposals are gender specific? A writer from Vice decided to do some research based on a 2017 study from wedding planning site, The Knot, that states 1% of women in straight relationships propose to their man. Well, we did our research too and compiled our responses with the ones from Vice to show that men aren’t as against women proposing as most thought.

40-year-old Matthew from Pennsylvania said, “I was absolutely not ever expecting her to propose…It was a dizzying kind of surreal joy the likes of which I’ve never felt before. I certainly didn’t feel emasculated—I don’t care about that stuff.” When asked if he felt pressure, Matt said, “For me, no, there was no pressure, but when I imagined the possibility of Josey and I got engaged, it was always within the framework of me proposing to her. I think that a lot of men, and likely the vast majority, still do think of proposing as something they should do. And the same goes for a lot of women…I think it’s all about the relationship you have.”

36-year-old Anthony from Florida said, “We talked about marriage all of the time but I wanted to propose on MY time. She rented out a restaurant, hired a singer and a band and invited all of our family and friends for what I thought was just an anniversary dinner. When she asked, I was surprised but I didn’t like it too much. I had to go along with it though because everyone was there. We talked about it after the fact and she told me she decided to propose first because SHE was ready to have a family together. I’m more traditional but I know women proposing has become more accepted these days.

33-year old Brian from Georgia said, “I wouldn’t mind it. To me, it shows that she knows what she wants and obviously I’m doing everything right to deserve her asking. I know women have their lifelong dream of how they want to be proposed to so I would be the one to do it first (hopefully) but if my lady asked me to marry her, I wouldn’t feel any less of a man at all. 

30-year-old Dude from the Midwest said, “We sat under a laser-cut wooden geodesic dome and she got on one knee, and I started crying immediately. She told me how special I was, and on my special golden birthday she wanted to do something special, too  and asked me to marry her. I had no idea she was about to propose. Never discussed marriage with her at any point before it, either. Her being the one to do the proposing didn’t make me feel anything. I kind of like a woman taking charge.

Ladies, would you propose to your man? Fellas, would you feel good about your lady proposing to you? Let’s hear it!

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