Mercedes-Benz Is Working On A Smaller, Cheaper Electric G-Wagon
Electric G-Wagon (Mercedes-Benz)

Mercedes-Benz Is Working On A Smaller, Cheaper Electric G-Wagon: “The Daughter Or Son Of The Big G”

Mercedes-Benz is planning to unveil a smaller, more cost-efficient G-Wagon known as the “Little G.”

The new version of the famed G-Class SUV will come in fully electric and has been in the works for several years. However, the compact G-Wagon still has several more years of development before customers can get their hands on one. Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius confirmed that the “Little G” is headed to the market and expects buyers to be pleased with the many features. 

“So kind of the daughter or son of the big G is also going to come to G fans around the world in a few years from now,” Kallenius told CNBC, adding, “If you’re waiting for something good it will be worth the wait,” he said.

Not many specifics have been made public regarding the new G-Wagon. However, German outlet Automobilwoche has reported that the company will call the model “g-Class,” spelled purposefully with a lowercase “G.” The exact starting price of the truck is also under wraps. Most brand-new Mercedes G-Class SUVs start at roughly $140,000 and can get up to nearly $180,000. Therefore, given its size, the latest model is likely to fall in the five-figure range. While the company has said the “Little G” will come in electric, some outlets have reported that a gas-powered edition will arrive on car lots, which will likely be even less expensive. It has also been speculated that the chargeable “Little G’s” will be able to travel up to 310 miles after a single charge. 

However, Mercedes-Benz has not yet verified these reports, so for now, the details are mere speculation. 

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