That's Baller: Mercedes-Maybach Pays Tribute to Virgil Abloh with "Project MAYBACH" 
Mercedes-Benz Project Maybach

That’s Baller: Mercedes-Maybach Pays Tribute to Virgil Abloh with “Project MAYBACH” 

This week, Maybach, Mercedes’s ultra-luxury arm, shared a behind-the-scenes look at their collaboration with late powerhouse designer Virgil Abloh before his untimely passing. 

Mercedes-Maybach shared “Project MAYBACH,” one of Abloh’s final projects before his death in November 2021 from a rare form of cancer. Abloh worked closely with Mercedes-Benz Chief Designer Officer Gorden Wagener to develop the electric concept car that takes luxury to unique heights. 

“So utility and luxury are usually not used in the same sentence, and the car we’re developing can function as such,” Abloh explained in the video. 

The mini-documentary took viewers on the intricate journey of bringing Abloh’s vision to life. It also highlighted the clothing element of “Project MAYBACH,” which featured a capsule Mercedes-Maybach line that quickly sold out on the Off-White website.

“Project MAYBACH” was originally unveiled a month after Abloh’s passing and displayed at the Rubell Museum in Miami on December 1st and 2nd in honor of the 41-year-old. Earlier this month, Drake featured the breathtaking conceptual vehicle in the video for his gold-certified single, “Sticky,” from his “Honestly, Nevermind” album. 

The doc concludes with Mercedes-Maybach expressing their appreciation to Abloh for his time and care when bringing the task to life. 

“We are honored to have worked with a creative genius and to have been inspired by his ideas and his attitude,” the statement read. 

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