Method Man Believes Rappers Make Great Actors Because Many Are "Great Liars" [Video

Method Man Believes Rappers Make Great Actors Because Many Are “Great Liars” [Video]

Method Man spilled some tea on rappers and their deceptive ways.

The “Switch Sides” rapper appeared on a recent episode of the Sherri Show alongside host Sherri Shepherd, where he dished on what makes rappers such amazing actors.  According to the Wu-Tang star, the key is a lyricist’s ability to exaggerate the truth in most instances.

“I’ll just keep it a buck, a lot of them are great liars, and I think that translates on screen.  Honestly, it’s more of being able to stand in front of 15,000 people or 1,500 people and command their attention,” he explained to Shepherd.

The rapper-turned-actor, whose real name is Clifford Smith Jr., has appeared in several cinematic projects, including How High, Belly, and Soul Plane.  However, he transitioned nearly completely from the big stage to the small screen, excelling in a slew of tv series from Power Book II: Ghost as high-powered lawyer Davis MacLean to Godfather of Harlem .as Sam Christian.  Meth was noticeably absent from the NY State Of Mind Tour due to his acting obligations. 

The multifaceted man pointed out that even thespians who star in stage plays must be convincing in order for the attendees to “fall deeper into our imaginations” and become fully engulfed in the storyline. 

“Even like when people do plays. We know that the scenery isn’t moving and we know that they’re not on an actual moving train, but we’re so intrigued by the actors and the process that’s going on in front of us that we allow ourselves to fall deeper into our imaginations,” he said.

Does Method Man have a point about rappers being some of the greatest liars to ever walk this earth?

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