Method Man's Wife Tamika Smith Speaks Out About Wendy Revealing A One Night Stand With Her Husband

Method Man’s Wife Tamika Smith Speaks Out About Wendy Revealing A One Night Stand With Her Husband

During an interview last week with DJ Suss One, Wendy Williams revealed that she had a one-night stand with rapper Method Man back in the day.

In the interview, Wendy shared details of how the two linked up after a fight broke out in a club. According to Wendy, Method Man invited her to smoke marijuana with him, she agreed, and they sat and watched a boxing match. After the fight broke out in the club, the two left, and Method Man asked to go to Wendy’s penthouse in Jersey City. There, the two proceeded to smoke, and she gave him a bath in her jacuzzi tub.

Wendy did say that Method Man may confirm or deny the one-night stand since she was sure that he was still mad at her.

Fast forward to this morning, Method Man’s wife Tamika Smith had few things to say to Miss Williams on her Instagram story.

The statement started with her addressing how Wendy has lied and attacked her and her family for years.

She said, “for years, I kept my silence while Wendy Williams launched constant verbal attacks against my husband, myself, and my family.” Adding that, “in the past, I ignored her lies, innuendos, and blatant attempts to provoke us.”

In more ways than one, Tamika said that Wendy is obsessed with their lives.

Tamika went on to say, “Despite my anger, I chose not to respond publicly to her unhealthy fixation with my husband and our marriage.” She said, “it was clear that she was sick, and that she was struggling with a lot of issues including self-hate and low-self esteem.”

Years ago, Wendy had shared private information about Tamika and her health when she was diagnosed with cancer.

She said Wendy “didn’t care that she was violating my right to privacy, or that I hadn’t shared the news of my diagnosis with my family and friends.” She added, “She never apologized, never expressed any regret whatsoever.”

Next, Tamika basically alludes to the fact that Wendy’s career in trouble, her life is just in shambles, and that she is simply attention-seeking and using her husband’s name for clout.

“How sad that a woman who was once revered in the entertainment industry has reduced herself to a tabloid sidenote and circus freak,” she said. “Wendy will forever be one of the most miserable bitches on the planet.”

You would think out of all the things Wendy went through in life, she would be more compassionate towards others, but like Tamika said, “Over the years, those issues have made her increasingly ugly, both inside and out. and no, the amount of plastic surgery can fix the ugliness inside her.”


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