Miami Attorney Accused Of Being Serial Bank Robber

On Tuesday evening, the FBI arrested Aaron Honaker, a Miami attorney suspected of being the area’s “serial bank robber.”

Since Sept. 30, Honaker has allegedly robbed or attempted to rob five banks in South Florida.

The night of his arrest, a detective was driving downtown when he noticed a man entering a bank that matched the burglar’s description. It was Honaker. Arrested without incident, he was brought into federal custody as has remained there since.

Sergeant Gwynn, a veteran, is credited with the arrest. “[They were] able to identify the individual after studying his mannerisms,” Coral Gables police officer Bob Alonso said.

Honaker, 41, followed a “consistent approach.”

According to the complaint affidavit, reported by NBC Miami, “Honaker would walk up to a teller and ask for assistance in making a withdrawal. He would then pass a handwritten note to the teller that would say messages like, ‘don’t touch the alarm or call the police,’ ’empty all of your $50s and $100s and put it in an envelope,’ and ‘keep calm, and give me all the money in the drawer, I have a gun.’ Honaker would take his note with him on the way out of the bank.”

Admitted by the Florida bar in 2008, Honaker has practiced at two private firms. One firm contacted CBS Miami and said he one day disappeared and never returned.

Honaker has been arrested for petty larceny, forgery, and battery. He expected to make his first court appearance soon.

According to Alonso, the police chief is proud of the way the ordeal was handled. “They were able to safely apprehend the individual without casualties or any injuries to anyone. Now, thanks to this effort, this makes everything safer in the city of Coral Gables.”


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