Miami Beach Will No Longer Enforce Curfew, Allowing Clubs To Stay Open

Miami Beach Will No Longer Enforce Curfew, Allowing Clubs To Stay Open Until 5 AM

Miami Beach partygoers now have a reason to celebrate.

Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales announced on Saturday that they will be suspending enforcement of the county-wide curfew, which will allow clubs to stay open and serve liquor beyond 8 pm.

“In light of the court ruling enjoining the county from enforcing the curfew and after consulting our city attorney, I have directed city staff to suspend enforcement of the curfew in Miami Beach, including the 8 pm closure of liquor stores outside the MXE, pending appeal of the court order,” Morale said.

According to CBS Miami, a court victory for Tootsie’s strip Club is what sparked the shut down of Miami-Dade’s curfew for the nightlife industry.

The curfew was originally put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and affected many businesses in the area, including bars, restaurants, and night clubs.

Miami and Miami Beach announced Saturday that law enforcement would no longer enforce that curfew after Judge Beatrice Butchko found it conflicted with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ emergency orders, which were implemented on September 25.

The office of Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez released a statement, which explained:

“Miami-Dade County has filed an appeal. As of right now, the County cannot enforce the curfew at businesses until resolution of the appeal. From a practical matter, the curfew is unenforceable until the courts settle the appeal. However, we can and will continue to enforce the County’s orders on facial coverings, distancing, and important rules governing public health protocols for businesses.”

So, for now, most clubs will be able to keep their doors open until 5 AM.

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