Miami Cops Shut Down Make-Shift Strip Club In A Warehouse

Miami Cops Use Instagram To Find And Shut Down Make-Shift Strip Club In A Warehouse And A “Nightclub” At A Hookah Lounge; 6 People Arrested

Three men were arrested Saturday night in Miami for turning a warehouse into a make-shift strip club and hosting a party.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, police discovered the party on Instagram after organizers posted flyers for a Blow Money Fast party at a secret location.

The Instagram was linked to Gerald Silvene, 40, who was arrested at the scene as the parties violated Miami’s orders for curfew.
According to police, the flyers promoted table service, 5,000 balloons dropping from the ceiling, alcohol, and security.

On Saturday night, police staked out the Miami warehouse and saw Silvene, Bernie Jadotte, 43, and Christopher Bentley, 31, unloading DJ equipment, alcohol, and collecting cash from partygoers.

Once inside the warehouse, the cops found naked dancers and stripper poles. About ten women were in a room undressing and told police they were at the party to dance and hadn’t been paid, according to records.

All three men were arrested, and 31 citations were given to partygoers who were seen sitting at tables and drinking alcohol for violating curfew orders.

Gerald Silvene, Bernie Jadotte and Christopher Bentley,

On the same night, two miles away, police shut down another party at Lowkeys Hookah Lounge & Eats.

Again, the cops used Instagram to find Christopher Tate, 23, who advertised that he would be the DJ at the party.

According to reports, police saw underage teens pay Joseph Stevens, 46, at the door to get in. Cops found a make-shift nightclub scene with a full bar and at least 25 teenagers.

Stevens, Tate, and owner of the hookah lounge Anne Bordenave, 22, were all arrested, and 17 citations were issued.

Christopher Tate Joseph Stevens and Anne Bordenave.

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