Micah and Kwame of "Love Is Blind" Address Criticism and "Inhumane" Racial Remarks, "Remove the Cruelty and Malice In Your Heart" [Video]

Micah and Kwame of “Love Is Blind” Address Criticism and “Inhumane” Racial Remarks, “Remove the Cruelty and Malice In Your Heart” [Video]

Love is Blind season 4 stars Kwame Appiah and Micah Lussier are speaking out against the hateful comments they received amid the show’s new season.

The two address the criticism directed towards Kwame for his interactions with Micah shortly after proposing to Chelsea Griffin.

“Opinions are warranted. Opinions on me, they’re OK,” Kwame acknowledged.  “But there’s definitely a level that should not be breached.  That’s when the opinions that you have to go toward deepened levels of hate, racism, or bigotry.”

On Instagram, Kwame shared a post of a user calling him the N-word in a DM captioned: “Waking up to some really nasty messages, so I’ll share 1 with you all.”

He said, “You’re all entitled to your opinion and reflection on the show.  But waking up to multiple messages like this is NOT okay.  Things like this are inhumane, and we’ve gotta do better.  You are getting to watch a sliver of my life and judge me.  Based on the purely disgusting and hateful words I’m seeing, it could be an issue with me, but it’s also definitely an issue with you.”
In a separate Instagram Story, Micah responded to the hate she’s received for her involvement in the reality show.

She said, “Despite all of the lovely wishes, I am indeed still alive.”

“Threats, insults, bigotry, and just vile comments are entirely inappropriate,” she wrote.  “We are real people, doing the best we can just like you, and we are not always perfect, but we learn from these moments and move forward to be better in the future.”

Micah is hoping that users can “remove the cruelty and malice in your heart before you speak.”

In the comments, Paul Peden, Micah’s Love Is Blind fiancé, and actor Zack Goytowsi also contributed to the post, saying, “keep sending encouragement to the cast!  Thank you to all the people who already have.”

Despite their close connections in the pods, Micah and Kwame chose different people to pursue relationships with. When the two met outside the pods, cameras captured Micah and Kwame conversing. The conversations between the two seemed too intimate for some viewers, particularly with their fiancés standing nearby.
According to People, Kwame’s fiancee Chelsea said there’s no “bad blood” between her and Micah.  “It was a part of our journey,” she said.  “You’re going into an experience where the person that you like is dating 15 other women.  It is a very unique experience, and we are multifaceted people, and it’s okay for him to make that connection that he had with Micah.”
Micah claims she had no intentions of re-connecting with Kwame, saying, “I think the way that I interact with people could come off as flirty, which I totally understand, but in reality, that’s how I am, that’s how I act,” she said. “I want to stay genuine about who I am.  I’m not going to put on a show and be stiff, I was myself.”
She added, “The only regret I would have is causing anyone else pain or causing their relationship issues.  That’s something that I would regret, and hope that it didn’t cause any issues.”
New episodes are set to air every Friday through April 14 on Netflix.
Love Is Blind’s Kwame, Micah Speak Against ‘Bigotry’ and ‘Inhumane’ Racist Comments: ‘Cut That Out’

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