Michael Jackson’s Estate Fights Back Against “Leaving Neverland” Documentary, Provides 24-Page Document Full Of “Truths” That Challenges Accusers’ Story

Michael Jackson’s estate claims the recent HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland” is full of lies and is attempting to share its truth with new documents.

Earlier this month, HBO released its controversial documentary series “Leaving Neverland” which details the history of sexual abuse that two men, #JamesSafechuck and #WadeRobson, allegedly endured as children from the late singer #MichaelJackson. Before and after the United States debut of the series, Jackson’s estate spoke about the project, claiming it to be a money grab. The family has also appeared in interviews to fight Jackson’s accusers.

Now the family is taking it a step further and telling their side of the story with their truths. The Jackson family provided Billboard with a 24-page working PowerPoint document, titled “Leaving Neverland and the Truth,” that questions the accusers’ memories and the filmmakers’ motives in detail. The estate also attached recent news clips in which the singer’s defense attorney called the accusations “hogwash.”  The document goes into detail about the documentary being bias, inconsistent, and notes that the footage that was featured was misused.

One of the examples the estate mentioned was when Robson says Jackson invited him to sleep in his bed, but “in his deposition,” the material states, “he makes clear that he and his sister were the ones who initiated the idea, and that Michael insisted they ask their parents.” The film also portrays Jackson wishing Robson a happy birthday in a video “suggesting a creepy, predatory manner,” when he recorded numerous similar greetings around the same time, the estate says.

While the estate claims many details in the film are flawed, the estate notes media outlets have not respected or expressed its grievances with the film, Billboard reports. “Much of this information is available online, and we have sent various pieces to the media, but no one has really been interested in reporting on it [or] digging further than the documentary,” the estate rep told Billboard. 

The document is not available to the public.

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  1. Cristina Bindileu

    Michael Jackson is innocent. , all humanitarian work proves to have been a true humanitarian and helped many babies babies, especially in the last stage of the disease, gave them joy on the faces, there are so many testimonies that they were involved in their care. I mean, I do not think a word about what the two liars are doing with all their cutlery. We, all fans know how Michael Jackson was, nothing will change the truth. Innocent. 100% Innocent

    • JustCallMeRachel (@Gidget1124)

      I believe some people are just plain simple minded and only want to believe the dirt because of that the way they were raised . Clearly the accusers were lying . It would take a complete idiot not to see through the entire case. At one point Wade claimed to be somewhere with Michael in La but the award show was held in NYC at a different time .People are too lazy to do the research and read. Most want to believe the negative about MJ. You will be surprised on how many smiled in his face but laughing and pushing this documentary at the same time. .Its amazing how so many say Michael Jackson was their inspiration but the same won’t stand up for him when needed. Those people I classify as fake and are too busy worried about how this will affect their careers and cash flow. A real person who loved him .wouldn’t hestitate. Then there are the so called fake ass fans that turn on him .Well my guess is you weren’t a fan in the first place. Obviously you didn’t dig for information or maybe you are a fan that just listens and believe anything in the media . I’m a die hard fan. If he was guilty I would no longer be be on the MJ bandwagon .but I believe MJ never touched the accusers or any one else.

      • I totally agree.

      • Exactly!! They are reading from a script!! The amount of inconsistencies and lies is ridiculous!! The tabloids dont want to report the truth because it goes against heir narrative of slaying Michael, as they have always done!

  2. I will say only this: don’t forget that Jesus was crucified by knowing-all people … Times have not changed a bit …

  3. Ofelia Manaog Uy

    Michae Jackson i INNOCENT Accusers need DOLLARS..

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