Michael Jordan Awarded Over $46,000 In Lawsuit Against Chinese Sportswear Company

Qiaodan, a sportswear and shoe manufacturer, has to pay Michael Jordan over $46,000 for using the Jordan name, emotional damage, and legal damage.

Qiaodan, which means Jordan in Chinese, has over 200 trademarks filed, all related to Jordan. Many of them were filed more than five years ago, making it difficult because trademarks can only be disputed in China within a five-year timeline. So, the court is unable to order them to stop using the name completely.

According to CBS Sports, Jordan has filed 80 lawsuits against the company. The Jordan brand believes that the company “had the intention of causing or allowing public confusion” and that using the number 23 and his sons’ names was to mislead customers. Qiaodan argues that the Jordan name is a common western surname.

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