Michael Jordan Tells Billie Jean The Kid Is Not His Son

If you thought Michael Jordan was going to sit back and let the world think he had a secret son, you were dead wrong. MJ not only says the kid is not his, but he also wants the paperwork filed in an Atlanta court room dismissed. Jordan says that a paternity test had already been administered, proving that he was not the father of 16 year old Taj.


MJ’s rep released a statement saying, “Public records show that the paternity of the child was established in a prior case in this same court many years ago and that Michael Jordan is not the father.”

The statement continued, “It is unfortunate that well-known figures are the target of these kind of claims. Michael Jordan will vigorously defend himself and his reputation.”

Was she trying to get money? Fame? What was the point? How do you explain this to your 16 year old son now? She’s ultimately ruined his life now that he’s jumped on Youtube with it. Yikes!

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