Michael Jordan's "Flu Game" Sneakers Sold For $1.38 Million

Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game” Sneakers Sold For $1.38 Million

Michael Jordan’s famous “Flu Game” sneakers have been sold for a staggering price.

According to ESPN, the sneakers that Jordan wore during the 1997 NBA Finals were auctioned off for an incredible $1.38 million. The auction took place on the 25th anniversary of Jordan’s legendary performance.

“The actual shoes worn in the GOAT’s greatest game have a historic pedigree like no other sneakers,” stated the auction house. “The Flu Game shoes are, without a doubt, the most important shoes to ever hit the market.”

The iconic game was defined by Jordan’s determination to overcome the flu. In that game, Jordan impressively scored 38 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and provided five assists, leading the Chicago Bulls to a thrilling 90-88 victory over the Utah Jazz.

Initially, Jordan autographed the shoes and gifted them to Preston Truman, a ball boy for the Utah Jazz. Preston had faithfully provided Jordan with applesauce before games, fostering a unique bond between them. He treasured the shoes for an incredible 15 years before deciding to sell them at an auction. Surprisingly, they fetched an impressive price of $104,765.

The sale set a new record for the highest price ever paid for a pair of game-worn shoes. Over the following ten years, the value of the sneakers skyrocketed by 1,200 percent. Finally, this week, the shoes were sold for an astonishing $1.38 million. Auction house records reveal that bidding initially began at $500,000 just last month, rapidly surpassing the $1 million mark within a mere two weeks.

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