Michael Oher Freed From His Conservatorship That He Initially Thought Was An Adoption

Michael Oher Freed From His Conservatorship That He Initially Thought Was An Adoption

Michael Oher has finally been freed from the conservatorship set forth by the Tuohy’s.

On Friday, Shelby County Probate Court Judge Kathleen Gomes terminated the conservatorship, which Oher once believed was an adoption into the Tuohy family, per People.  Instead, the arrangement allowed Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy to benefit from Oher’s finances, specifically the money made from his life story, which inspired the hit movie, “The Blind Side.” Even with the agreement being tossed, Judge Gomes said she would not dismiss the lawsuit that Oher brought against the Tuohy’s. 

Oher has sued the couple, whom he moved in with as a teenager, claiming they have hidden millions from him. The former Baltimore Ravens player says the couple have used his name and likeness to keep the money flowing in even after the movie’s release. Both have worked as a motivational speaker, with Sean owning several fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell and KFC. According to the 2004 agreement, the Tuohy’s obtained “all powers of attorney to act on his behalf.” Oher was “not be allowed to enter into any contracts or bind himself without the direct approval of his conservators.” Alcon Entertainment, the company that produced “The Blind Side,” says the four members of the immediate Tuohy family and Oher were paid a collective $767,000. However, Sean previously told the Daily Memphian that the family made no money from the film besides $14,000 payments each.

During the hearing, Gomes says she was shocked that Oher was placed in such a conservatorship, especially since he had not been disabled at the time of its signing, further supporting Oher’s claim that he had no idea what he was truly signing.

“I cannot believe it got done,” the judge stated. Neither Oher nor the Tuohy’s spoke during the hearing. 

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