Michael Rapaport Says He’s “Offended” Pete Davidson Didn’t Apologize To Fans After Suicide Scare

Michael Rapaport Says He’s “Offended” Pete Davidson Didn’t Apologize To Fans After Suicide Scare

Michael Rapaport says Pete Davidson should apologize to his fans for his suicide scare.

Actor and comedian Rapaport is calling out “SNL” star Davidson for not apologizing to his fans after he claimed he was contemplating suicide. During an interview with “You Up with Nikki Glaser” on SiriusXM’s Comedy Central Radio, Rapoport explained why he is so upset.

“The Pete Davidson thing, I was annoyed with this f–king guy and his f–king suicide attempt note, and then not apologizing for it. That really offended me,” said Rapaport (via E! News), who will soon be filling in for Wendy Williams on her namesake morning show. “The fact that he’s come back and didn’t acknowledge — to to all my fans, to the New York City police department, to the people I work with and all my fans that were worried — I apologize for saying that.”

Rapaport compared Davidson’s situation to his own, saying that when he was healing in the hospital, he made sure to let fans know he was okay. “I had a little incident where I was in the hospital, and I posted a picture of myself in a neck brace and the first thing I said was, ‘I’m fine, I’m good, don’t worry,’” he explained, adding that Davidson failing to do something similar was “sucker ass s–t.” He added, “We’re glad you’re good, but you freaked everybody out.”

This isn’t the first time Rapaport has come after Davidson; he recently attacked both #KanyeWest and Davidson after they posted shocking tweets about their health. “Pete Davidson & KANYE must really not have Homeboys for real,” Rapaport wrote at the time. “These are 2 whinny [sic] ass bitching ass social media Babies.”

After facing some backlash for the comments, Rapaport issued an apology. “Didn’t realize Pete Davidson posted an actual genuinely scary IG note,” he admitted. “Had no clue. Was not informed of all of those details. Would never mock someone when they’re truly down. Sincerely. I thought this was all the daily normal gossip of the day & was doing my daily take.”

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