Michael Rapaport Suddenly Regrets Publicizing Social Media Feud With Kevin Durant, “I Feel Bad That It’s Gotten This Far”

Michael Rapaport has a guilty conscience following his social media feud with Brooklyn Net’s star, Kevin Durant. 

On Tuesday, the Rapaport publicized private messages between him and Durant that “were filled with crude, misogynistic language and physical threats,” according to the New York Post

 The NBA has since charged Durant a $50,000 fine for offensive messages, and now ironically, Rapaport is having a change of heart. 

“I feel bad about my involvement in the situation,” the actor said. “I feel bad that it’s gotten this far. I met him one time. It was cool, cordial. I’m a fan. I met him as a fan.”

Rapaport claims he had no idea the post would get the attention it received, despite posting it to his 2.2million Instagram followers.

“This whole thing got way way way more attention than I thought it would,” Rapaport said. 

Interestingly enough, Durant was stunned Rapaport would choose to show the messages to the public since he and the 52-year-old “talk CRAZIER than this on the regular.”

However, Rapaport said “that the messages were far from friendly banter.”

Durant has apologized and said in a news conference that he regrets his fan seeing his use of such foul language.

All in all, Rapaport blames his behavior on him having a “bad day.”

“On Tuesday of this week, he caught me on a bad day. That being said, in my opinion, the whole situation got blown out of proportion. I don’t premeditate or contrive my behavior or my rants on social media. They come from the gut,” Rapaport said. 

“I know I have lived and learned from this situation. I’ve had to deal with ramifications that I’ll keep to myself. I know he has. I feel bad about it. But it is what it is, and we have to move forward.”

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