Michelle Obama Says The Key To A Lasting Marriage Is Choosing The Best “Teammate”

Michelle Obama gives her insight on her lasting marriage with Barack Obama.

There’s nothing like finding the love of your life, and forever First Lady Michelle Obama says she found that in forever President Barack Obama. In the latest episode of Obama’s podcast, “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” the First Lady speaks on the keys to having a long-lasting relationship and the challenges every couple faces. Michelle says she remembers taking off her engagement ring after an argument with her then-financ√©. But she says it was only for the “effect.”

“When we were engaged, I got mad at him about something, and I took my engagement ring off, and I said ‘Forget this, who needs this,’ and I threw the ring,” Obama revealed to guest Conan O’Brien. “We were in my car. I wasn’t really throwing it out. I threw it where I would know it would go. I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t like ‘this is it’ — it was [the] effect.”

She says that moment was a reminder for Barack of how quickly she can go from 0 to 100. She went on to say that she learned that taking things to that extreme was not healthy and that it was hurtful to Barack in the long-run. “I had to learn that he feels things much more deeply over a longer period of time,” she continued. “So I had to learn how not to go there. You have to learn to communicate in a way that the other person is going to hear it.”

Despite their prior challenges, the two have been married 27 years and will celebrate their 28th year of marriage next month. Obama says the key to marriage is picking the best teammate.” If we looked at marriage as a real team, you want your teammate to be a winner,” Michelle said, adding, “then you want LeBron [James].”

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