Michelle Obama To Launch Second #CouchParty To Encourage Voter Registration And Education

Michelle Obama is throwing a second “couch party” to reach and educate people about voting.

Forever First Lady is kicking off the second installment of #CouchParty, a call to action started by “When We All Vote,” a non-profit organization that encourages voter registration and educates the masses on the importance of participating in elections. After the call to action, the organization will launch #couchparty 2.0, and its partners and volunteers will personally reach out to their communities, families, and friends during the event, according to a press release.

Volunteers will assist participants with registering to vote and discuss ways they can be more active in the election process, as well as be provided information about upcoming elections. When We All Vote announced the news earlier this week and the actual event will take place on April 20 at 7:15 p.m. ET.

The last couch party was back in March and featured #DJDNice as the party’s DJ, with Obama, who is also the organization’s co-chair, as host. Nearly 10,000 voters signed up, helping more than 400,000 eligible voters. The event will end at 10 p.m.; for those who would like to join or participate, you can visit WhenWeAllVote.org/couchparty.  Obama will also have other guests join her during her stream.

When We All Vote is an organization that focuses on changing the culture centered around voting. The non-profit was launched by co-chairs Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Lin Manuel Miranda, Janelle Monáe, #ChrisPaul, FaithHill, and Tim McGraw.

Couch Party 2.0

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