Michelle Williams Addresses Destiny’s Child Criticism “I Was Not A Favorite In The Group”

Despite Michelle Williams being an integral member of Destiny’s Child and playing a large part in the group’s later success, the singer has still struggled with harsh comparisons to her two former groupmates, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, and criticisms about her singing voice.

Michelle was recently revealed to be the “Butterfly” on the tv show ‘The Masked Singer’ and while still wearing her mask, Michelle shared that the words of praise and encouragement from the panel of judges (comprised of Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy) helped her realize that she indeed has vocals deserving to be heard.

Michelle said after her reveal, “Sometimes social media… it’s bad when you read the comments. I like engaging with people on social media. I don’t want to not talk to the people that are being gracious all because there are some mean ones out there. But sometimes before you get to the nice ones you have to get through a couple mean ones.”

She continued, “Apparently I don’t have the most commercially appealing voice or whatever. People have their favorites, but vocally I was not a favorite in the group, and that stuck with me.”

Michelle told Yahoo Entertainment, “I came into a group that already existed, it’s not like I’m a founding member, so it’s kind of like I’ve already got an ‘X’ on my back. That insecurity started 20 years ago if I’m being honest. And it just builds and builds because I feel like, I’m never going to be able to please anybody. Until you can get to a place where you’re like, ‘The people that are for me are for me, they buy my music, they support the shows that I do,’ it might take you a while to get to that point.”

With the comeback of Destiny’s Child looming in the next few years, Michelle will have the opportunity to shine just as fierce and bright as her musical sisters, Kelly and Beyonce. We’re all rooting for you, Michelle!

Michelle Williams

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