Dallas Middle School Teacher Extorted By The Student She Slept With

One Dallas ISD teacher lost her job, her freedom and is short $28,000 after sleeping with one of her students.
Thao Doan, a 27-year-old teacher at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School, was arrested last week for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a 14 year old, after the student’s mother found inappropriate text conversations between the two and reported them to the principal. The teen’s mother also grew very suspicious about her son having a large amount of cash all of a sudden.


“When I gave his little brother back the phone he received a message from the teacher that morning saying I’ll be at a meeting until 11 o’clock and I’ll drop off the money to the address you told me too,” said the student’s mother. However, she assumed he was selling drugs, not extorting the adult teacher he had sex with.



The text messages show the 14 year old threatening to report the teacher if she didn’t bring him money. “I swear to god if you don’t, Ima call the cops on you,” he writes, followed by, “I’m about to do it! You taking to long. I need it now!”


Doan is also seen pleading for the teen’s forgiveness, saying that she’s contemplating suicide because she does not want to go to jail. She also begs the teen to give her more time to come up with a $1,000 payment. Unfortunately for her, the teen presses harder, raising the price to $1,500.


Doan worked at the school as a cross country and soccer coach. Her relationship with the student started over a year ago. Doan admits to police that she and the student communicated via Instagram, text messages and Kik before having sex in a park in Summer 2015. After that encounter, they continued having sex between November and December.



In January 2016, Doan told police she received threatening messages from an unknown person and multiple calls from different numbers about drop-off sites for the payments. Then, for whatever reason, Doan had sex with the student again in December 2016.


Doan has since been released from jail on bail after her arrest last week.


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