White Middle School Teacher Who Called Black Parent The N-Word Placed On Leave Without Pay

A white female teacher at a Pennsylvania middle school is on administrative leave without pay after a video of her calling a Black parent racial slurs was posted online.

The white, female teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School was recorded calling a Black father racial slurs and other racist language after the two reportedly got into a fender bender in the school’s parking lot.

The video that was posted on Facebook seems to begin after the accident with the man saying, “I guess she’s done cursing and screaming.” The woman then turns to him as she rubs the bumper of the truck she was driving. The woman can then be heard saying the man is “probably on welfare too.” In turn, The man says, “Not even a little bit. Six figures a year, ma’am.” The teacher then says, that’s BS. “It’s because I’m young and I’m black, the reason why you would say that,” he says. “That’s right, because you’re black,” she replies, as she continues to rub the bumper. “Probably on welfare,” he says, repeating her words. “That’s right,” she answers. “Always looking to milk the system. And you see me, a white woman, so you think I got money.” “Not even a little bit. Don’t even look like you got it,” he says. “Not even a little bit.” “Go back to your welfare, to your Section 8 house,” she responds.

The woman then insults the man’s car, and he tells her the size of his home. The two share more back and forth, and then the man says she’s “mad and nervous.” Immediately after, the woman calls the man the N-word, to which the man questions the woman to repeat what she said. “I’m sorry?” “You heard me,” she says.”This situation can change real quick,” he says. The woman then says, “Oh yeah?” and begins to walk towards him and tells him to “Bring it on.” After a few steps, the woman turns back to her car, and the video ends after 99 seconds, with the woman calling him a “freaking f*g.”

Upper Darby School District Superintendent Daniel McGarry said the teacher’s remarks were “deeply, deeply troubling.” The woman who has not been identified has served the school for eight years. “Right now, this person is on administrative leave without pay,” McGarry told CNN. “We’re going to pursue it vigorously. The next steps are the staff member can elect arbitration.” McGarry said he has met with the teacher, her representation, and the parent. “My recommendation is that we shouldn’t tolerate this in our school and in our district, I can’t go into more detail than that,” he said. He has not confirmed if the teacher will be fired.

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