Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Arrested For Shoplifting Groceries

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. attempted to walk out of Ralph’s supermarket in L.A. with $200 worth of groceries.

According to TMZ, the “Juwanna Mann” star was checking out at the supermarket when his credit card got declined. So he walked away and out the door, with the groceries still in his cart.

Sources told the publication that Miguel returned to the same Ralph’s days later but wasn’t allowed inside, and police were called. Miguel was placed under citizen’s arrest until the LAPD arrived.

The actor was cited for misdemeanor shoplifting and was sent on his way. Due to the current CODIV-19 pandemic, police aren’t booking or jailing people for minor offenses. However, it is still deemed an arrest, although he was never taken to the station.

Miguel, on the other hand, is telling a completely different story. He told the publication he was in a long line to check out and got tired of waiting, so he just walked out with his groceries with the intent of returning another day to pay for them. He claims he attempted to pay for his $200 worth of merchandise when he returned but said the store manager refused to accept it and told him that he wasn’t special.

Miguel A. Nunez Jr.

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