Mike Epps Threatens Daughter & She Files Police Report

How do things get to this point? In the audio below you hear Mike Epps going off on his 18 year old daughter, Bria. He goes on to call her a “disrespectful bitch”, claims she is trying to sabotage him and says “her days are numbered”. Just listening to this, you would have never thought he was talking to his own daughter.


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This entire thing stemmed from Mike Epps’ recent appearance on Wendy Williams where he gave a shout out to TWO of his kids. This didn’t sit well with his other children, and Bria, who Epps fathered before his current relationship, called him to express her dissatisfaction. When she threatened to air family drama Bria says Mike flipped out and that’s when she began recording. Is it ever okay for Dad’s to talk to their daughters like this?



Bria has stated in the past that her and her father don’t have a great relationship, but she still loves him and is proud of him. Does she respect him however? I guess there’s two sides to every coin. I hate for any family to get torn apart like this. You never know when you may lose your Daddy and all those ill words were truly never worth it.

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