Mike Tyson To Eminem, 'You're the Only White Guy That Knows What It's Like to Be a N***a'

Mike Tyson To Eminem, ‘You’re the Only White Guy That Knows What It’s Like to Be a N***a’

Eminem released his new album, Music to Be Murdered By, and has been on a promotional run to spread the word on his latest project.

Mike Tyson interviewed Em on his Hotboxin’ podcast for the latest episode. They talked about their shared love for Hip Hop, personal stories from their pasts, and even spoke about how Tyson became a cameo in Eminem’s new video Godzilla.

Nevertheless, there was a comment that was made by Tyson towards the end of the interview that stood out. Tyson applauded the rapper for overcoming his many obstacles to become one of the best to ever do it.

“Everything you got was, f**kin’ — not even given to you,” Tyson said passionately. “You f**kin’ slaved for it, you know what I mean? You’re the only white guy that knows what it’s like to be a n***a.”

“Not sure how to answer that,” Em responded nervously.

“You’re one of the few white guys to know that pressure [of] like ‘F**k, I ain’t s**t, They ain’t doing me right,’” Tyson added.

“I mean, you know, we all got our story,” Eminem replied.

The conversation between the two legends was raw and uncensored. This is something that we don’t get to see too often with celebrities of this caliber. The “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast is currently available on YouTube.

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