Tennessee Dog Inherits $5 Million From Owner Who Passed Away

Tennessee Dog Inherits $5 Million From Owner Who Passed Away

An 8-year-old dog inherited $5 million from its Tennessee owner.

Lulu, a border collie, will live a good life after inheriting the millions in her owner’s will, KTLA reported.

Bill Dorris, Lulu’s human parent, was a successful businessman who never married and passed away in 2020.

Martha Burton will now take care of Lulu using the money that was put into a trust for the collie’s care.

Burton can be reimbursed for reasonable monthly expenses in the care of the dog.

“He just really loved the dog,” said Burton, who was friends with the businessman and would take care of the dog when he traveled. However, she says she doesn’t know if she could ever spend all the money on Lulu.

“Well, I’d like to try,” she said with a smile.

It must be nice.

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