TurboTax To Pay $141 Million For False Advertising Scheme

Millions Face Tax Refund Delays Due To Stimulus Checks Distribution

Millions of Americans face delays with their tax refunds as the IRS struggles to get the COVID-19 stimulus relief funds distributed.

Almost seven million U.S. citizens are being affected by the delays due to the agency’s outdated IT systems when they are trying to issue two significant financial lump sums to struggling families. Staffing issues and tax code changes are also crippling the IRS and making Americans wait longer to receive their money.

According to The Washington Post, approximately 6.7 million tax returns have yet to be processed, despite the millions who filed early. During the same time last year, fewer than 2 million returns were facing delays.

Americans have begun reaching out to the press to find answers since they have not been able to get many from the IRS. However, when USA TODAY reached out about the delays, they too were referred to the website, which attributed the delays to the ongoing pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, the IRS issues more than nine out of 10 tax refunds in under 21 days. However, some returns may take longer if they need to be amended. If 21 days pass and the refund hasn’t been distributed, the agency suggests waiting 10 weeks.

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  1. It’s too bad they can’t postpone tax day this year like they did last year!

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