Millions Will Not Be Receiving A Stimulus Check

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The largest emergency aid deal in US history is taking place right now, and still, millions of workers are not getting paid.

The $2 trillion “economic stimulus package” will provide most Americans with $1,200. CNN reported, when checks start to go out across the country, undocumented immigrants will not be receiving one.

Those who support the decision believe that “it’s not the US government’s place to bankroll someone who broke the law, and that as unemployment skyrockets, American workers should come first.”

While undocumented immigrants are not eligible for most federal benefits, many immigrant rights advocates view the decision as dangerous as it will continue to put the country’s health at risk. It is not just “a matter of dollars and cents, and it isn’t something that only affects undocumented workers and their families,” advocates argue. Everyone is affected.

Anu Joshi, interim Vice President of policy at the New York Immigration Coalition said, she and her team are incredibly disappointed and frustrated.

“These are the people cooking, delivering our food while we’re all inside socially isolating, the folks doing the deep cleaning of houses and offices, who are taking care of our very elderly and very young,” said Joshi. “They were cut out of the cash assistance, and they were cut out of any kind of unemployment insurance.”

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