Mimi Faust Speaks On Getting Smacked By K. Michelle

Earlier this week the web was buzzing with rumors that K. Michelle smacked Mimi in the face backstage at one of her shows. Reportedly, it was all because Mimi confronted K. Michelle on comments she made regarding Mimi’s new boyfriend Niko. Somewhere in there sites started to add their own tea to the pot, saying that Mimi had to go to the hospital for random injuries etc.. Mimi has taken the time out to comment via her publicist.

“Ms. Faust is currently unharmed and never went to the hospital to be treated for a busted eardrum. The incident started in the dressing room where K. Michelle simply hit Ms. Faust with flowers after seeming a little irritated with questions about earlier statements made in a prior interview. However, there were no damages done. In actuality, Ms. Faust left the venue and continued her night by visiting and enjoying herself in other New York City prestigious venues. “Recalling all of the past incidents with K. Michelle and other cast members, she never seems to wants to talk things out; the end results are always violent. That’s not the type of person I am and to continue to fight with K. Michelle would have been pointless,” stated Mimi Faust.”

I never heard the busted ear drum rumor but you know how people on the internet do.

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