Mimi & Nikko Dish On Sex Tape & If There Was A Camera Man In The Room

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Mimi and Nikko sat down with DishNation.com to discuss their infamous sex tape and why they decided to sell it to Vivid. “I’m about money,” says Nikko. “I’m personally about taking advantage of any opportunity that’s presented.” Mimi explains that the tape had highest presale Vivid has ever had, including Kim Kardashian’s tape. 

When asked if there was a professional camera man shooting the tape Nikko says, “No. It was a personal sex tape that we filmed ourselves. We do it all the time.”

Let me stop you right there Nikko. Now, I would believe that you personally shot the bed scene, but the shower scene? No sir, that was the work of a professional camera man. For those of you who remember the tape, you probably remember there being camera movement while Nikko and Mimi were in the shower. Unless the camera grew legs, someone else was there. Watch the brief interview below.

In a separate interview with Hot 97, Mimi discusses her sex tape and how it will not affect her daughter. “She’s four. It’s not affecting my daughter,” she says. Because, you know, she’s going to be four forever and the internet will eventually disappear. Mimi then goes on to explain, “You know what? She’ll have to go to school with  kids getting stabbed up too, and I’ll have to explain that to her as well. It’s a whole bunch of other things in this world that are worse than mommy making love to her man.”

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