Minneapolis Police Release Bodycam Footage of Thurman Blevins’ Fatal Police Shooting

On June 23, 31-year-old Thurman Blevins was gunned down by Minneapolis officials after a foot chase through a residential neighborhood. 

In the incident, officials were responding to reports of a man, who looked intoxicated and had been firing his gun in the air. 

Upon arrival, officials instructed Blevins to put his hands int he air, but instead, the 31-year-old took off running, with officials following close behind. After about 30 seconds, officials fired several shots at Blevins. 

The fatal incident sparked widespread protests, with calls for officials to release the bodycam footage, as many believed Blevins was unarmed. However, more than a month later, officials released the footage, which appear to tell a different story. But, Blevins cousin believes the video confirms her belief that her cousin did not deserve to die. 

“He wasn’t a threat when (the officers) approached him,” she told the Star Tribune. “They didn’t view him as a human being.” 

In the recently released bodycam footage, officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly responded to the 911 call. Upon arrival, the officers can be seen pulling up to the scene, as Blevins was sitting on a curb by a woman and a child in a stroller. 

However, as the officers approached, one yelled, “He’s got a gun,” which prompted Blevins to jump up and run. As he fled the scene, another officer yelled for him to stop. “Stop, stop! Put your hands up! I will (expletive) shoot you!”

In turn, Blevins yelled back, “I didn’t do nothing bro,” “Please don’t shoot” and “Leave me alone.” However, according to NBC, an enhanced version of the video, circled Blevins’ hand to highlight what appears to be a gun.

As Blevins continued to run, he turns down an alley, and that’s when he’s shot, multiple times, by both officers. According to officials, a gun was found at the scene. 

The officers are on paid administrative leave.

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