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Misery Loves Company By: @milagreee

We always hear of friends who leave you when you’re down. We always hear of users who will abandon you as soon as you can no longer provide them with anything that might be beneficial to them. Clearly these people aren’t friends, but for one reason or another we allow them into our lives to wreak their greedy havoc. I have heard of the woes of many who have lost their jobs, lost their personality along with it due to some type of depression, and were down in the dumps. In fact, I have experienced these people. Their so called friends were no longer their for them. They all of a sudden have too much to do to make time for you, they barely reach out to you and they don’t want to hear anything about what you’re going through.

All of a sudden, you call them and they’re just not around. All of a sudden, who once you would have called your ride or die, “died” in a matter of speaking.

But what about those who are only with you when you’re actually at you’re worst. The old saying, “misery loves company” comes to mind. When you’ve lost your job or you’re man they are right there to tell you that you never needed that job, F that company, you will find something better. These people don’t actually help you do so, but just tell you what you want to hear. When you’ve lost you’re man, they are there to remind you of a the bad times you two had, regardless of the good times, regardless of what you might have learned from that relationship. They’ll tell you to forget him, that he wasn’t any good for you anyway. They don’t necessarily take you out for some drinks to help you forget, they don’t exactly SHOW that they actually care, but they are able to tell you what you want to hear at the moment and don’t realize that their lack of actions speak louder than those words that you want to hear.

They are always there at the worst periods of your life and you feel as though you can trust them with anything. If they are able to be with you, talk to you when you are down, you can trust them with anything. If when you’re down then they should be there forever… right? Wrong. These people should be your ride or die.

But what happens when you finally get that modeling gig that you’ve been pining and working so hard for? What happens when you get promoted at work and start receiving the recognition at work that you feel you so deserve? The same job that you griped about to them, time and time again. The same job they said you were too good for. Who do you run to at this point to celebrate your good news? Those same people that were there for you when you were down. But did you get the reaction that you so desired? Did you get a pat in the back that you so craved from them? Did they tell you how proud they were of you and knew that your job would see it one day? Did they ask what magazine you would be in so they could buy out a newsstand of copies and hand them out proudly to everyone that they knew?
Did they even ask if you were happy? No.

The type of miserable being that I speak of wants to see you just as miserable as they are, if not worse. They want you to suffer so that in turn, in some twisted way they can ultimately feel better about themselves. If you’re miserable then their own self worth goes up.

A real friend will support you and congratulate you on all of your accomplishments. A real friend will give away magazines proudly and say that’s my girl on the cover. Just like finding a man, a real genuine girlfriend is just as hard to find. People’s actions always trump their words. Pay attention.

Being or surrounding yourself with people like this will drown your soul with sorrow. They will bleed you dry of what makes you, you and not allow you to be as happy as you should be with your accomplishments. They affect you the same way that an abusive man would. There are people you should keep in your life. Supportive people, people that make you want to make something of yourself, people that ultimately better you. The people you do not want in your life are these secret haters, because the better off you are, the worse you make them feel about yourself. Always remember that you are your number one and “it ain’t NOTHING to cut this b**** off.”

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