Missing US Soldier Vanessa Guillen Remains Found; Family Lawyer Reveals The Suspect “Bludgeoned” Her Skull Repeatedly, Chopped Her Up With Machete And Encased Her In Concrete

Earlier this week, it was reported that the remains for missing US soldier Vanessa Guillen of Fort Hood, were discovered. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Now, Natalie Kwaham, Guillen’s family lawyer, has revealed details on Guillen murder.
It’s also been revealed that Guillen’s suspected killer was Spc. Aaron David Robinson.

However, when police began to close in on him to question him about Guillen’s disappearance on Wednesday, he fatally shot himself, according to US Army Criminal Investigation Command.
Robinson’s girlfriend, identified as Cecily Aguilar or “the estranged wife of a former Fort Hood soldier,” was also in on the brutal killing, helping dismember the body and burying it. She has since been arrested for her involvement in the crime and is said the be the motive behind the attack, according to LoveBScott.

Taking to the podcast, ‘Crime Stories With Nancy Grace, Kwaham revealed the gruesome details behind Guillen’s vicious attack.

The day Guillen disappeared, she was summoned to the armory on the army base. She explained to Robinson that she knew he was seeing Aguilar, which went against army regulations since she was married to another soldier.

Guillen then told Robinson she had to report him, and he replied, “No you’re not, you’re not going to ruin my career,” according to Kwaham.

From then, Kwaham says Robinson grabbed the first weapon he could find— a hammer and began to hit Guillen with it.

She explained that the suspect used a hammer to “bludgeoned” Guillen’s skull repeatedly while on the army base, causing blood to splatter throughout the armory.
After he beat her to death with the hammer, he put her body inside a container outside of the armory and went home before returning later in the day.

According to Khawam, he proceeded to take her body to a nearby river and called Aguilar for assistance with burying her.

The two attempted to burn Guillen’s body, but after being unsuccessful, they used a machete to sever her body to pieces, Khawam explained.
They then dug a grave for Guillen’s remains, burying her in quick-drying cement, the attorney revealed.

After getting rid of her body, they destroyed Guillen’s cell phone before tossing it out the window as they fled the scene and discarded the items used to kill her.

Khawam suspects that the army covered up Guillen’s death, questioning how Robinson was able to clean up the crime scene in under an hour, how no one heard Guillen scream, or how there was no CCTV footage.

According to Khawam, Robinson is the same superior that Guillen told her family previously was sexually assaulting her.

In a press conference prior to Grace’s interview with Guillen’s family attorney, Guillen’s sister Mayra shared that she met Robinson on the first day of the search for her sister at Fort Hood, and he laughed at her family.
“They lied to us since day one. When I first went up to that base, that subject, I met him, not knowing that he had something to do with it,” she stated. “I felt… something was telling me that he did something. And I wasn’t wrong. … He still had the nerve that same day to laugh in my face. And apparently, now he kills himself. Why I don’t know. But whoever is responsible has to pay.”
According to the outlet, charges against Aguilar are not specified beyond “third-degree felony.” She was released on bond on Thursday.

The outlet also reports that the remains have not yet been “formally identified.”

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