Mississippi Sheriff’s Deputy Plans To Question R.Kelly Under Oath About The Singer’s Alleged Affair With His Wife

Amid the controversy over R.Kelly’s alleged relationships with younger women, the self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B is facing legal issues over an alleged relationship with another man’s wife. 

Problem is, that man is the Mississippi sheriff’s deputy, and now he wants to question the singer about the alleged affair under oath. 

In new court documents obtained by The Blast, Kenny Bryant says he plans to depose, as part of his lawsuit against the singer for ruining his marriage and his life with the affair.

Bryant says the deposition will occur at his lawyer’s office in Mississippi, as it is one of the only states that allows a person to sue another for ruining a marriage. The deposition will  “[continue] day to day until completed,” the docs state. 

Bryant filed a suit against Kelly last year, over the singer’s affair with his wife. According to the publication, Bryant married Asia Childress in July of 2012, after she and Kelly had broken it off. 

But, according to Bryant, their marriage took a turn for the worse when Kelly re-entered her life a few months after their wedding. 

Bryant says Childress went to Kelly’s concert in October and instantly rekindled a romantic relationship with the singer. From there, Bryant says Kelly carried on an intimate extramarital affair with his wife for five years  and even gave her Chlamydia in that time. 

In addition to all that, Bryant says Childress convinced him to move to Georgia, but he says it was only to be closer to Kelly. He says he agreed, but he was never able to find a job, which left him struggling financially. 

According to The Blast, Bryant says he did all he could to save his marriage, but ultimately Childress asked for a divorce. Now, Bryant says it’s all Kelly’s fault, and he wants the singer to pay up for depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection. He also says he suffered emotional, psychological and financial loss as a result of the affair. 

In Kelly’s response, he denied sleeping with Childress and demanded the case be tossed.

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