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House Democrats Introduce Bill Seeking To Establish Term Limits For Supreme Court Justices

Missouri, Kansas Legislators Propose Anti-Transgender Bills That Would Make It Illegal For Doctors To Perform Gender-Reassignment Services To People Under 18; LGBTQ Advocates Fight Back

LGBTQ advocates are trying to stop proposed anti-transgender bills from passing in Missouri and Kansas.

Legislators in Missouri and Kansas have proposed bills that would make it illegal for doctors in the states to perform gender-reassignment services, procedures, or surgeries for transgender children under 18, according to KSHB’s Sarah Place. The American Civil Liberties Union and LGBTQ advocates are pushing back against the move.

The bills called Kansas House Bill 2210 and Missouri House Bill 33 would also make it illegal to prescribe puberty blockers and hormone therapy. Currently, gender reassignment procedures are only available to people older than 18, according to NBC 52. The bill would also ban parents from helping or supporting their children who are undergoing medical treatments. If parents do support their children, they can be reported to the state children’s division.

While lawmakers claim they are protecting children, advocates say they are putting children in danger. “Our kids hear that,” Shira Berkowitz with PROMO Missouri says, “and we’re doing everything we can to make sure they’re supported by their parents, by the adults in their lives, and know there is a much larger support system for them than these bills set to attack them.”

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