Missouri Man Who Violently Punched 12-Year-Old Dancer Gets Charged With 2 Felonies

The Missouri man who violently punched a 12-year-old kid who was dancing on a sidewalk on Friday night has been charged with two felonies. But he is not in custody, according to the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

Cedric Charles Moore, 27, has been charged with felony assault in the second degree and felony child endangerment in the first degree due to the victim’s age, according to TMZ.

Cops were able to identify Moore after reviewing video footage taken by dance instructor Michael Curry that showed Moore attacking the boy and subsequently issued a warrant for his arrest. Police have been to Moore’s home and locations he is known to frequent, but have not been able to locate him. The suspect’s family and friends are not cooperating.

“I appreciate the police department for taking the case so seriously, and I know my son appreciates it too. I don’t think I will feel any relief until he is arrested. As of now, it’s just words on paper there hasn’t been any real consequence,” the victim’s mom, Stephanie Hagler, told Missouri Man

Moore’s bond has already been set at $50,000 cash, but the boy’s mom hopes that no one bails him out once he is in custody.

The public is calling for Moore to be charged with a hate crime. But, according to the police department, because of state statutes, “this charge would only apply if the assault was categorized to a lesser degree, which would not be in the best interest of seeking true justice for the victim.”

Curry, the victim, and another student were dancing on a street corner at about 11:30 PM on Friday when Moore pulled up, got out of the vehicle, and started dancing along with them. As soon as he got close to the boy, he punched him in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground. He then ran back to the car and sped off.

The boy suffered a concussion, and nose bleed as a result of the violent attack.

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