Michael Jordan Opens First Of 2 Clinics, Talks Activism

Michael Jordan Opens First Of 2 Clinics; Says He Supports Players’ Activism: “I Think It’s Great”

NBA legend Michael Jordan says he’s all for players taking a stand on social issues. 

Jordan, who is now the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets, sat down with Craig Melvin on ‘TODAY,’ to discuss the opening of the first of two medical clinics he’s funded in Charlotte, as well as his stance on players’ activism in the NBA. 

When Melvin asked about his thoughts on professional sports players who use their platforms for activism. ”I think it’s great,” he continued,” Jordan said. ”If they understand the causes, obviously if they feel their voice matters, great, and I support that,” he said.

As many people know, Jordan has been more vocal over the past few years on social issues, than he ever was as a player. Critics have been known to say that he didn’t use his platform enough, but Jordan said that when he was in the NBA, his mentality was different. “Now, I have more time to understand things around me, understand causes, issues, and problems and commit my voice and financial support,” he said.

Further, the former NBA star is giving back to his community in a big way that he is most proud of. He unveiled the ‘Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic’ in west Charlotte on Thursday. It is the first of two medical clinics that he and his family funded, which will help provide access to underserved communities in the area.

West Charlotte is one of many communities in the Queen City, where residents face poverty and limited access to sufficient health care.

Jordan said, “I think what drives me is that I know this clinic is needed within the community, and it’s going to provide a certain service.”

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