Michael Jackson’s Nephew Defends Paris Jackson After 50 Cent Comments: “I Think It’s Silly, Stupid, Insensitive and Wrong”

Less than two weeks after 50 Cent fired back at Paris Jackson over her criticisms of his position in the Chris Brown/Michael Jackson debate, Jackson’s cousin, TJ, is officially speaking out in his family’s defense. 

Earlier this month, 50 took to Twitter to express his opinion about the two entertainers, sparking widespread debate about the GOAT. “[Brown is] better than MJ to me now,” the rapper wrote, in response to a tweet that listed a few of his accomplishments. 

As users responded with criticisms, 50 doubled down on his statement with a video of Brown’s acrobatics, writing, “All I’m saying is I never seen MJ come out like this.” Soon after, MJ’s 21-year-old daughter took to 50’s comments to set the rapper straight, saying, “True legends don’t need to exert outrageous amounts of energy just to grasp your attention. Stillness my friend. Stillness. More power in stillness than you can probably understand.” 

“And I say this with zero shade to Chris,” Jackson continued. “I love him, dearly. This is just for you 50.” In response, 50 asked, “Why am I the bad guy?” 

“I understand how you feel Paris,” he added, “but does anyone care about how the little boy’s butts feels.” Though 50’s comment did not amuse many, he addressed the situation further on The Breakfast Club and questioned why he was being attacked for his own opinion. 

“I said that because people attacked me for my comment,” 50 said in the interview. “Look at my page. There are specific….extreme Michael Jackson lovers. And I’m saying, ‘You love Michael Jackson so much that you would look past the little boys butts.’ It wouldn’t even matter that they touched the little boys’ butts because you would be supportive of him regardless. And he has a body of work that’s that magnetic that some people would just not see them. If you put the facts right in front of them, they would be like, ‘No.’”

But now, despite his explanation, Jackson’s cousin, TJ, says 50’s comments were “disgusting.” 

In an interview with All HipHop, TJ, MJ’s nephew, said, “I loved ‘In Da Club’ and some other 50 Cent songs, but I lost a lot of respect for him. A lot of respect, for many reasons. I just don’t think it was cool to attack my uncle without doing any research on the truth.” 

“Then for him to attack my younger cousin who has to deal with this, is even more immature and disgusting. Hopefully, he’ll mature and see more of a respectful side, but it is what it is,” TJ said, later adding that “I think it’s silly, stupid, insensitive and wrong…to everyone. Again, he just has to mature and understand the importance of respect. Not trying to get attention by posting stupid things, he should be beyond that.”

TJ Jackson Defends Paris
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    Being a rockstar and his fan, I must say that Micheal Jackson’s versatility is inspiring the world up till now. World renown celebrity appeared in Michael Jackson Red Jacket during one of his performances. His impact on his fans makes him a legend who still lives in our hearts today!!!

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